The Burning Edge: Travels Through Irradiated Belarus

Join Arthur Chichester ( more commonly known as Bald and Bankrupt ) as he takes the reader on a journey to the furthest edge of Belarus, Europe’s least known country where he makes his way through towns and villages seemingly known only to those that continue to reside in them. On his journey through the irradiated borderlands he meets an assortment of characters struggling to make sense of a life in the shadows of the Chernobyl tragedy. At the end of his time in the region he decides to take one last journey off the map and walk alone through the irradiated forest on an adventure that will lead him through landscapes untouched and unseen since 1986.
Get ready for vodka, babushkas and Soviet bus stops.

A travel diary like no other

Authur is a non judgmental, inquisitive explorer, who thrives on the path least traveled. Through a series of brief anectodal tales, the reader gains a rare insight into modern-day life in this former Soviet Socialist Republic. The writer takes the reader off the beaten-track in a very deliberate manner to deliver an understanding of life in the area hit the hardest by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

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